Hi my name is Taisei Akiyama and I'm doing World Challenge

I would like to thank everyone that donated, supported and attended my events and fundraising activities to achieve and fulfil a successful memorable and life-changing experience.

£ 2,700.00

Raised to date



The money I am raising is for a trip to Nepal, where I will be helping the community and doing an expedition. 

Fundraising Activities & Events


  • Car boot markets

  • Gardening

  • House painting

  • Car washing

  • 3 hour Cycling session during Parents evening

  • Donut sale

  • Lucky day prize draw

  • Sweet shop & games stand at School fair 

  • Curry night

  • Dog show

  • Cream tea cafe

  • Christmas bag packing at Waitrose & Sainsbury’s 

  • Nepalese restaurant night

  • Raffles

  • Rock n roll bingo night

  • Abseil in velodrome

Hillside  Academy  is  a  community   school  that  was  established  in  2007. This school  was established  to  provide   an  education  facility  for  the  children  of the  surrounding  local  villages who  had   no  realistic  access  to  education. The   school  enrolled  over  50  students  in  the   first year  and  in  2016  this  rose  to  325   students  (girls  and  boys)  aged  between   3  -­‐  16  years  old..  


I was being deeply moved by the welcome the school in northern Kathmundu (SHREE BAL VIKAS SAMAJ), gave the team.  We started our community engagement phase, with sanding and repainting window panes and collecting paving stones from the top of the hill to the school to be later paved. I  saw how they appreciate what they have and they were so grateful. To us it seems like they don't have many things and we definitely have access to more things but is that better...?"

World  Challenge  teams  have  been   visiting  this  project  site  since December  2011.  The  teams  have   refurbished  classrooms,  painted  and   designed  wall  murals  and  helped  to  dig  and  place  concrete  frames  to  form  a   septic  tank  at  their  rented  premise.

Trek info

Poon Hill trek. Time to embark on a stunning 5 day camping trek in the Annapurna Conservation Area, which offers truly breath-taking scenery. The trek is a great opportunity to immerse ourselves in the tremendous cultural diversity of this part of the Himalayas.

The second half of the trip included a 4 day hike up to 1,500 ft and over 35 hours of trekking through a mountanous landscape. On the 3rd day we rose extra early at 4am to scale the final ascend up to Poon Hill and experience the awesome sunrise. When we got to the top, all the trekking had been so worth it. The sun rose, and the clouds separated to unleash a breath-taking view of the surrounding mountains. we celebrated with Hot Chocolate !

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 08.25.25
Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 08.25.25


Nagajuna wAVE
Nagajuna wAVE

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 08.25.25
Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 08.25.25


Traveling with a team of experienced and extremely knowledgeable local guides, porters and cooks, who’ll help us understand the local culture and see the wildlife. We’ll pass trailside shrines, teahouses and local villages. The route will take us through cultivated fields, forests, rhododendron forests, bamboo thickets, lush foothills, and near picturesque blue lakes. The trail then climbs to Poon Hill, where (weather permitting!) we’ll have superb views of the surrounding peaks. We’ll be trekking for up to six hours every day, navigating our own way along the trail.

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