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Helen helped me to find Japanese speaking children to appear in a documentary style campaign for the Danish toy manufacturer Lego. We were looking to find children who could speak Japanese fluently (as their mother tongue) and, as our campaign focussed on celebrating children’s creativity and ingenuity, also had the ability to free-build with Lego. 


Helen not only spoke to the families that she worked with on our behalf but also facilitated some of our casting Skype calls – it was a huge help!

  Peter Grant,

Assistant Producer Garden Productions

Pleased to meet you.

My love and connection with Japan comes from working in Okayama City as a JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching Program), marrying Mr. Akiyama and having a bilingual family life.  I have the appearance of an English Rose but I can understand & appreciate both British and Japanese traditions on a deeper level. In other words, I enjoy tea with scones or sushi with sake!


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I settled in the UK in 2001 after Helen and I were married in a traditional British ceremony.  My love and connection with Martial Arts started when I was at High school and enjoyed learning Kendo which I continued while I was a student at University in America. 

Having brought up my two sons as bilingual speakers, I understand the importance of delving as deep as possible into the language and culture to fully appreciate the beauty and to master it. 


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We are enormously proud of our boys for their passion for learning, volunteering at school and with Akiyama Connect events and taking on new ventures such as World Challenge Nepal expedition. Always being complimented by others for their dedication and politeness.


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