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"I'm keen to champion gender equality and to help women shine in their careers. My idea is to create a platform to promote change and sow the seeds for greater gender balance especially in the Japanese culture." 

Women in Work is a support networking group assisting with the aim of a balanced gender working environment. Working closely with Japanese businesses, our mission is to create a platform to share the benefits of best practice and encourage a lifestyle change helping Japan with its target set for 2020.

Asia’s second-largest economy also ranks among the lowest in the OECD for women in management positions and for the share of women present on company boards There are limited women in public life, despite the recent rise of leaders such as Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike.

Consultancy service for advice, support and mentoring females in corporate life or entrepreneurs
秋山コネクツとは..  日本、又はイギリス で生活する     日本人女性を対象とした     スキルアップをサポートする  コンサルタント会社


「国際的な」視点で提供されるAkiyama Connects のサポートは、



The Mission


Japan ranking

In the WEF Gender Gap survey this year, Japan is ranked 111th out of 145 countries. The categories cover political decision-making power, economic participation, health issues and participation in education.


2020 target

In recent years under the leadership of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan has made a strong commitment to increasing the role of women in leadership positions by setting the goal of women holding at least 30% of senior positions in all parts of society by 2020


UK TOUR 2018

Following my trip to Tokyo last May I began to communicate with Chie san, who I had met at the Global summit of women, and this led to us organising a trip to promote a unique Japanese Calligraphy technique called Tsutefude.


The founder Yuki Aoba san visited the U.K for her first time and held interactive workshops in Bath, Swindon and Stroud.

Following the final workshop we filmed an interview to look back on her trip and you can watch this on the adjacent video.





Balance in Business


Benefits of gender balance

While Japan's business environment is still fairly dynamic, it is facing the challenges of an ageing population and low birth rate. This has led the PM to adopt "womenomics"' as a vital component of making sure the country has continued competitiveness. 

Set goals/consultancy /bespoke

Helen from Akiyama Connects provides facilitating services to give the right tools to understand how important diversity is and to  bring more Women in Work.  

Female Entrepreneur


Are you in business or starting your own business?

Our consultancy is for Japanese women based in the UK or Japan who are looking to step up in business or start a business. The aim is to help more women be present in business and lessen the gender imbalance.

Mentor, advice, support UK/Japan

Helen has a deep understanding and experience of both cultures which helps her guide females either through face to face meetings or during events and workshops

WHAT Participants SAid

Enjoyed the Tsutefude workshop, very well organised ! 

— Jan, Swindon